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Al Jade chillin' at the park.

Because Chiongeees practice diversity in the group, they have decided to recruit Al Jade by force as a bonafide member. Aside from the fact that Al Jade is deaf/mute, this shows why Chiongeees is composed of peabrain bastards. Al Jade's greatest asset is his silence. Because Chiongeees is filled of backstabbers and drama queens, it is always good to recruit people who does not bark.

His parents are still hopeful and are very excited what would be their boy's first words. Will it be 'daddy'? or will it be 'Shit'? Until now, he has yet utter a word.

Nothing can be said of Al Jade due to the fact that he does not know how to speak, hence noone knows his thoughts. Even his name is a mystery on how people were able to know that it is his name.

Al Jade is also a tree.

As an actor Edit

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Al Jade in Lord Of The Rings

Before settling to become an agent, Al Jade was a struggling movie actor who wants to make it big in Hollywood. With his unique set of skills and traits as a tree, he was casted to play the leader of the Ents in the crappiest trilogy of all time, Lord Of The Ringtones. Because the movie revolves around the gay relationship of two midgets and no actual script being needed, Al Jade is perfect for the movie. After the trilogy went down the drain, his career also followed and decided to kick the bucket on his movie career and decided to support poor Americunts who can't pay their cable bills.



= „


—Al Jade, delivering his sole script in the movie

Witness Protection Program Edit

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Al Jade is currently under the witness protection program of Center for Sasa Control and Restriction. The CSCR is an organization that is dedicated to stop Sasa from destroying her non-existent social life from destruction by stepping up measures on how to shut up Sasa's piehole. Because Al Jade was one of the first people and first witnesses of Sasa backstabbing Marah, Al Jade's life is in danger. Before Sasa can slit his throat to keep the truth from coming out (as she is denying everything), the CSCR did not waste time to track Al Jade down and told him that his life is in great danger.

Since Chiongeees is a group of internet superheroes, Al Jade was forced to join the group to ensure his protection.

With this, he is now secured and can continue his hobby called, Not Talking.

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