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Sometime in the middle of March 2011, a handful of Chiongeees decided to get away from everything and just spend careless fun in the small island of Bohol. With a mountain of money as a budget, the pseudo-rich faggots of Chiongeees rented a van, a room and a pleasant and wonderful a loud and annoying tour guide to drive for them while they crapflood the beautiful island of Bohol. Planned by Roui and Jason, it is already given from the start that this trip is exaggerated and is purely a commoner trip. This trip is deemed significant and should go down to history books as this trip immortalizes and cemented the foundation of the Chiongeees standards of bastardry.

A Bohol trip is never to be regarded as special unless you banged a Bohol native and leave her pregnant and not knowing all about it. For the Chiongeees, this is considered special as this trip was the cause of the dismissal of noted whore, Sasa.

...and of course, delicious drama.

After the trip, things change dramatically as the Chiongeees achieved closer bonds with each other, quickly became a group of jerks and jerkettes that will be the reason of the world's karma.

Day 1 Edit

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Upon the arrival of the Chiongeees delegates, they were greeted by their epic troll guide and was ready to drive them to wherever they want to go. But since the Chiongeees are cursed with the undying love of food, they just need to go to some shit STK to eat some shit food. Nothing much has taken place during this time as they were just being their normal selves, loud, provoking, self-centered group of individuals eating. Edit

Failed reservations Edit

Of course, since Weng is made of fail this group of mentally-challenged friends are made of fail, they open the

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Pissing at the Weng's imaginary resort while she is on panic attack.

trip with a failure. The group headed to their reserved resort and traveled 40 minutes with the fun stories from the Troll Guide only to find out that the resort, which was supposed to be owned by Weng's aunt was closed or simply, DID NOT FUCKING EXIST AT 

ALL. Upon arriving to the empty space of creepy Bohol beach shit, the troll guide offered various resorts. It is to be noted that Weng got into a panic attack at this timeline as she of course, is the one who caused this fuck-up and must be held responsible for all the wrong things happening to this world.

After spending 45 minutes on the phone, the group decided to look for a different resort. With this change of plan, the group decided to look for a different resort and stay there for the night. Countless resorts were visited and the mood of the trip went down from FUN to OMG STRESS. And after an hour, the Chiongeees decided to stay at a small resort called White and Greens.

Knowing their roles Edit

After they have settled and picked their rooms, Randie and Jason decided to go to the pool bar to drink beer and just relax as the roles has already been laid out before the trip. Of course, because wimmin are only good in the kitchen, it meant that the rest of the Chiongeees will be the one to prepare dinner. After a couple of bottles, Randie's felt something wrong with the force. He then decided that they go back to their hut to check on the girls. When they arrived, both men were in shock on what they saw. The wimmin were drinking, laughing and doing crappy make-up on each other instead of cooking! The scene was so disgusting that it reminded Randie and Jason a scene from Moses The Movie when he came down from the mountain and see the people merry-making and worshipping a golden donkey.

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Roles? Where's your God now?

Jason then proceeded to whine and bitch about the roles he specifically gave the girls. He failed to realize that in Bohol, the roles will know you.

After Jason fixed dinner for everyone, and after eating and leaving their plates and garbage on the table, the others then decided to dip in the calm, cold and soothing waters of Bohol, SCARING THE SHIT OF EVERYBODY, CAUSING PANIC AFTER THEY GOT ON WITH THEIR BIKINIS!!!!!!!!!111111 The others however, tired and exhausted from the shoot/drinking, they decided to sleep early.


Dili ko puwede mag bikini kay itom man akong lubot, ses.


                                                                                                            — Weng, being honest and committing social suicide.

It is also good to note that on this night, it was the introduction of the Powder phenomena.

Day 2 Edit

After a tiring first day, the day started with an insurmountable event of shock and lulz. After Jason, Roui and Randie woke up, they hit the showers right before the girls as wimmin takes 3 hours to shower. After enjoying a good morning shower, Jason and Randie then decided to go to the bar to get breakfast. The girls were just leaving the bar as they will be packing their bags and gets ready for the road trip. Right after everything was packed up, Jason noticed that there is a fly roaming around like a tourist in each girl's shoulders. He looked at the girls, okay. He looked at their attires, same as yesterday. He smelled them, OMG NO BATH. Upon realizing that the wimmin did not took a bath nor even get a single drop of water on their heads, the economy went down as fast as Sasa giving a homeless guy a blowjob.

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Wimmin unleashing their God-awful odor into the fresh air

Day tour Edit

Despite the wimmin stinking the van, the group proceeded with the day tour. Armed with junk foods and gallons of water, they raped Bohol via buttsecks with their constant boring and unoriginal antics like, taking WACKY pictures with the chocolate hills as background and taking a picture with a butterfly wing. As the tour went on, the silliness and the dysfunction of Chiongeees became higher by higher, thanks to the annoying and irritating troll guide.

Night at the exclusive apartment Edit

After the 12-hour tour torture by the troll guide, the group settled down for the night at some apartment in the middle of shitty Tagbilaran for the night. At this time, the odor of the wimmin are now visible as mild green smokes followed them like a silhouette whenever they walk. Experts believed that if 2 more hours were spent with no shower, it would have caused an environmental and chemical meltdown, and would have eventually sink Bohol to the deepest part of the ocean due to the girls' waste and sweat.

It is also important to note that Jason, the manager of roles on the trip was the one washing the dishes after dinner. Because in Bohol, the role will manage you.

Sentenced to exile Edit

After an epic, wild house party in the apartment a boring night with minimal booze and crappy videoke, the group decided to hit the sack. The boys stayed in their rooms and messaged Weng to go to their room for steamy orgy (lol she wish) a serious discussion on Sasa's status as a friend.

To give you a brief background of this incident, the drama started months before the Bohollywood trip. After deciding to go to Bohol, with Jason and Roui on her side, she filed for a vacation leave for it. But weeks before the trip, she pulled out by giving out various reasons, several of the reasons are: POOR, will buy a cellphone, and AIDS. She eventually did not go with the Chiongeees and decided to settle down with a public piss-infested pool called Villa Teresita. But Chiongeees intelligence division has provided a report that she decided not to go to Bohol with the gang as she would RATHER stay and spend time with Art. For more details on these unimportant characters, you may go to Sasa's own page.

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Behold, the unappealing shorts of Dash.

As Weng, Jason, Roui and Randie was discussing the incident, more information was fed to Jason (which is always the last guy to know). Upon learning the specific reasons and revelations, Jason became so butthurt that he vowed and cursed Sasa to thy kingdom come, asking the Lulz Godz to punish her and incarcerate her for doing such act against the Chiongeees and voted YES to declare Sasa as Randie's new Former Friend.

Judge Randie then delivered the verdict and Sasa was found guilty, in attention whoring and personal army under the accordance of the Internet Rule "Not your personal army" subsection D, Sasa is therefore declared as Former Friend and will forever be condemned everywhere. Shortly after the verdict, Jason went into a deep slumber, snoring the night away as the rest struggled sleeping into the night.

Music vidya

Because haters are soooo gonna hate, the grand troll decided to create a music video of the trip and posted it in Facebook for NSFW and make the haters mad.

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Members in the trip Edit

  • Jason
  • Randie
  • Chrisnette
  • Dash
  • Weng
  • Roui
  • Chay


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