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When you lie and you fail at it, that is bullshit. It is also used if something is nonsense like you working in your company or joining a shit group of circlejerks. Chiongeees has a lot of bullshit. They feed you with obvious lies but you are dumb so you worship everything that is told by them. A bullshit is also the nickname of the bitch that could not stop talking and denying.


It is also good to note that this whole wiki is bullshit.

Bullshittery Edit

  • Promotion openings
  • Your manager giving you an award
  • Quarterly performance bonus
  • Mandatory overtime
  • Metrics
  • Suspension
  • Denied leaves
  • Supervisor tells you to zero the queue
  • Intellicare
  • Maxicare
  • 15,000 signing bonus with an iPod Touch and 27 Gmail accounts
  • YOU

Bullshit quotes Edit

  • "2 windows!!!"
  • "You are an asset in the company"
  • "Hanu ni?"
  • "Daog ko!"
  • "I love you Chiongeees!"
  • "Let's go to Siquijor next!"
  • "Inom ta!"

See Also Edit




Unwarranted Self-Importance

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