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Chiongeee's Room Inhabitants. Notice the amount of fail.

Chiongeee's Room was a small, industrious room infamous for its Internet Mayhem and love of BBQ. Simply the best QuickConnect (moar like QueerConnect, amirite?) chatroom that has ever made. This is also where dubious plans are discussed because the people in the chatroom is too stupid to know that transcripts can be pulled at any given time. It is also important to note that the chatters in this room are composed of different traits but still shares the same wavelength as they all have one thing in common: Down syndrome.

It is also good to note that Chiongeee's Room is the creator of all lulz and trolling ways in the office. This is like a blind man running around with a chainsaw.

Last Thursday, Ethel decided to put an end to this travesty and mockery of the sacred grounds of CVG by using all legal remedies to have the room closed which made the alpha dog of the room, Randie to scrutinize and swore to destroy Ethel.

Origin Edit

Some time 100 years ago, a man that goes by the name, Randie, realized that life in the office is as boring as humping a dead post. He decided to invite random people and place them in a chatroom. Originally, the room's purpose was to +1 the social standing of the people and get connections with single, hot wimmin and create a massive orgy party. This is also another fail however as 90% of the wimmin they invited are FAT. One veteran member, Alberto asked Randie (which was the moderator of the room) to invite a guy called Jason. That's when everything changed. Aside from being disgustingly fat, Jason spends half of his life in the internet and is just a complete form of troll. His ways and means has influenced a lot in the room and the socially-driven, hipster chatroom has become a weapon and is now considered as personal army.

Exclusive invites Edit


QuickConnect warp.

If someone wants to have a chance to get invited to the room, one should use QuickConnect. This is a program used by Convergys agents who avoids to become a working zombie in the office. It is also good to note that the QuickConnect is used for sexual purposes as well. In the heirarchy of fake sex, this is probably the least preferred method, as there is no way to conclusively prove that you're even talking to the right gender, much less whether or not they're fuckable, but it is probably the easiest because it doesn't require virgin agents to interact with females or fat chicks to interact with males face to face. Realizing that the regular members are just dead fucking boring, the mod frequently invited guests in the room to spark the conversation or for the members to make fun of. And since the QuickConnect is utilized by Harry Potter looking fairies, bearded sexual office mates, and obese agents as a medium for sexual intercourse, any invite to a room is likely to be accepted by the target. Below is an example of how a Chiongeee's Room regular talk to a guest:

  • Diana S Uy: i am wet
  • Chiongeee member: u should let me put my cock in ur mouth
  • Diana S Uy: i wish u would when r u gonna cum on meee
  • Chiongeee member: i am cuming rite now
  • Diana S Uy: thank you daddy
  • Chiongeee member: if i give u my address will u send me ur panties with skid marks
  • Diana S Uy: ur a faggot
  • Diana S Uy: fuck off you creep!
  • Diana S Uy has left the chat.

Death of Chiongeee's Room Edit

It was another busy day at work and the pressure is piling up every minute as there were no invites being given by Randie to his room. Before they know it, it has been days of not having their dose of Chiongeee's Room until it was officially announced personally to the members that Chiongeee's Room is no longer allowed. The members, which are proficient in CSI:Internets, started to investigate why the room is no longer being summoned. After countless hours of digging for the truth, they discovered that not only that ass holes are tasty but a supposed-to-be ally, Ethel snitched them.

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A member's reaction after hearing the news about the death of Chiongeee's Room

Randie was compromised over the fact that a room like the Chiongeee's Room is not business related and should not suffice. With this argument, the Internet Court of Lol did not allow Randie's motion to wage war against Ethel and gave the decision in favor of Ethel.

The great betrayal of Ethel marked a scar among the moderator and its members. Being a trusted ally, Ethel knows all about the epic room and she was often invited during the early days of the room. Randie vowed to make the most ruthless revenge evar as he sat in his station thinking what he wants for lunch.

Post Chiongeee's Room Edit

After the great betrayal and the epic legal battle in the Internet Court of Lol, its members found ways to interact still but this time, it is done IRL. This IRL interaction also includes but not limited to: drinking sessions, party via Facebook, epic trips, etc.

Refugees from the Chiongeee's Room were never to be heard of again. Though, there are reports and urban legends that noted members still logs on and stays in the crap room called CVG Hulagway Helena Thiel's Team.

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