Chiongeees likes it when you accept such fact.

Chiongeees is what the citizens of Chiongeee's Room are called. These are agents that are not totally related and was never even heard before. These are the people that were picked randomly by Randie and was given exclusive invites to his stupid room. Randie thought that these individuals will become a Facebook IRL edition and will eventually have a hipster group of conservative and very pleasant men and wimmin.

What he did was the opposite.

The people that he handpicked randomly turned out to become a gathering of sheep and fools, assholes and trolls, and normal everyday netizens. The Chiongeees are people devoid of any type of soul or conscience; they are products of cynicism and apathy, and they spread those very sentiments daily. It is also a place of sheer genius and utter stupidity, and there is often a thin line dividing the two.

Chiongeees is not an organization but a tactic. Chiongeees is the sinister, lurking presence in the dark places of the earth. Its favorite diet is Lulz, but its insatiable appetite is tempered by its fear of light.

Dissing and insulting someone is a sign of trust and friendship by the Chiongeees.

Chiongeees is currently at Version 2.0 as there are inactive members who has forgotten their allegiance to the lulz. The old and the new Chiongeees who were ACCIDENTALLY RECRUITED (who are forced to stay LOL) is what composed of Version 2.0. This is an upgrade since the drama is now controlled and is only generated by the dramacow, Dashy. The old Chiongeees are still welcome though but until then, they will always be remembered as the brave warriors of the lul.

Trolling Edit

Trolling is what makes the Chiongeees tick. It is best to always remember that the members themselves keeps on trolling one another. Just like a pack of monkeys eating their own fleas. Chiongeees are natural trolls, most especially the core members of the military and ammuniton unit who are just plain assholes in all forms. Although some Chiongeees are UNSUCCESSFUL WANNABE MODELS who are just so hopeless, these faggots know how to troll or at least make you cry. For the Chiongeees, nothing is sacred. For them, it's bonus points if the target commits suicide.

BBQ Edit


The tradition most beloved by Chiongeees is the ancient art of BBQ. BBQ involves modifying the photo of one who Chiongeees has identified as having Asperger's Syndrome or other similarly stupid ailments and making a poorly done Photoshop/MS-Paint. The most common BBQ technique is done using elements from the original chickenfucker image, namely chickens and cocks. Other pornographic or offensive images are often added for flavor and variety. Typically the victim will respond by being an Internet Tough Guy, threatening to sue for defamation or as what the camwhore Lorac said after seeing a live BBQ, "this will surely be in the OPS meeting". This invariably resulted in much lulz. Internet detectives and the resident attorney at lol are called in immediately to handle the situation and calm the BBQee.

Many notable personalities have been a victim of a BBQ. On Chiongeee's Room, being BBQ'd is most definitely not a sign of respect and friendship.

Personalities who have been BBQd:

  • Joeson
  • Winbird
  • Rica
  • Marissa

Chiongeees Ver. 1.0 Edit

The Chiongeees Ver. 1.0 is set the standards of trolling.

The original group was a bigger army and even though not all members are purely batshit insane, the trolling powers of Alberto, Roland, Chrisnette, Wingielyn, Randie and Jason is by far the most impressive yet. These are the faggots who planned and executed thoroughly the Operation: No Extension, The Ruination of Joeson, the Pwning of Sheena and among others.

Notable members: Edit


Equivalent to Windows Vista version. Just shit.

  • Randie
  • Christnette
  • Roui
  • Weng
  • Jong
  • Alberto
  • Jason
  • Jen Rabosa
  • LaLa
  • Carlo
  • Eugene
  • Excelsa
  • Sasa
  • Dash
  • Mark
  • Marianne

Joeson Saga Edit

This saga did not finish as after 100 years, our beloved Dash finally came up to her senses. The Chiongeees went full force and aside from the traditional BBQ, online harassment was done and was done in a staggering 100% on the spot as many people from the office witnessed what the internet hate machine could do. The attack and harassment was so epic that it was the talk of the whole office and the best part? They did not know who did the hit.

Chiongeees Ver. 2.0 Edit

Notable members: Edit

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This version could have been epic. But they grew old fast.

  • Randie
  • Christnette
  • Weng
  • Roui
  • Jason
  • Dash
  • Helden
  • Marianne
  • Al Jade
  • Chay
  • Excelsa

The Decline Edit

Much have changed to the Chiongeees. A bunch of them has moved on from their make-believe life of class. They do not work in the same office anymore and hardly see each other, which is the main cause of the decline. However, they still have time to meet up once in a while, just to see who gained the most weight. For now, everyone is safe. As long as you do not involve them with drama.

See Also Edit

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